Export customs clearance

How to fill out a customs invoice for an export shipment of goods?

Filling out customs documentation correctly may not be easy - especially if you are doing it for the first time or after a long time. To make it as easy and convenient as possible to prepare everything for your shipment, you can use our sample customs invoice here:

(We recommend filling out the template on a PC)
You may also find the tips for its proper completion below useful.

Field INVOICE NO. or invoice number:
This is a unique identifier for your invoice - it can contain numbers and letters. I recommend choosing a number that is based on, for example, the date the shipment is sent. For technical reasons, I also recommend a maximum length of 14 characters. The invoice number will make it easier to communicate with the Tax Office and to exempt the shipment from customs duty if it is returned to the Czech Republic.

Field EORI No - EORI number:
In case you are only requesting a VSCP, ignore the field. However, if you insist on issuing a paper VDD (export accompanying document for 300,- CZK excluding VAT), it is necessary to have an EORI number assigned by the customs office. The application for the number can be found on the website of the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic, both for companies and sole proprietors with VAT registration number and for private persons.

Field Customs Commodity Code - Customs Tariff Item:
You can leave blank, our customs declarants will fill in this information on your invoice for you.

Field Incoterms - delivery terms:
This governs who pays the freight and customs charges. You have a choice of three conditions when shipping with us:

  • DAP (Delivered At Place) - freight charges are paid by the sender, customs duty and VAT are paid by the recipient in the country of delivery;
  • EXW (Ex Works) - freight, duty and VAT are paid by the recipient;
  • DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) - freight, duty and VAT will be recharged to the shipper/other payer. (DDP is the only one that is subject to a fee, which is 500 CZK excluding VAT per shipment.)

Field Mode & Reason for Export - Type and purpose of export:
Please select one of the two options from the first drop-down list here:

  • permanent;
  • temporary - in this mode we cannot clear the shipment for you, so you will have to clear the shipment yourself. (However, you can use our sample invoice for clearance and subsequent shipment.) Then, from the second drop-down list, select the option that most accurately describes your reason for exporting.

Field Other notes:
You can use this field to add a preferential sentence, for example. This is definitely recommended for shipments to the UK. With the preference phrase you declare the origin of the goods.

The valid wording of the preference phrase is as follows:
The exporter of the products covered by this document (Exporter Reference No.*) declares that, except where otherwise clearly indicated, these products are of ...** preferential origin.
*Please note that if the value of your shipment exceeds EUR 6 000 / GBP 5 700, you must also include your REX number (i.e. Exporter Reference No.) in the preference sentence.
**Instead of three dots, please add the origin of the goods (e.g. Czech or also EU in general).

The preference phrase can also be used for duty relief when exporting to other countries. A list of these and specific conditions can be found on the website of the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic at this link. For the most up-to-date and accurate information, it is always best to contact the Customs Administration of the country to which you are exporting directly.

And that's all you need to complete the customs documentation correctly.

If you would like more information about shipping, please do not hesitate to contact us.